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Herzlich willkommen im Forschungsverbund "Autonomie im Alter"

Self-determined in the region of Saxony-Anhalt

We cordially invite you to visit the websites of the Research Alliance Autnonomy in Old Age (AiA)

The research alliance „Autonomy in Old Age“ is a regional initiative consisting of 19 projects by different research institutions in Saxony-Anhalt covering  three main fields:

The research alliance is financed by federal state resources and EU funds (EFRE/ESF). In reference to the Global Strategy and Action Plan on Ageing and Health proposed by the WHO and European partnerships its strategic goals are to develop technical, medical and social innovations which are adapted to living conditions and needs of the elderly. The research alliance supports synergy effects in interdisciplinary Age and Ageing Research. “Autonomy in Old Age” focuses on Saxony-Anhalt, a region that is seriously affected by demographic ageing. The young population moves to other regions with better working opportunities and elderly people are left behind. Due to changing traditional family models assuring care in general for the elderly is difficult. Additionally, there is lack of health care infrastructure especially in rural areas. Hospital closings and doctors´that retire and can’t find successors contribute to the lack of continuing health care.  Researchers of the alliance AiA work on  innovations to support old people in their daily lives to sustain the autonomy of the latter. They develop solutions to provide elderly people in suburban and rural regions, for example with new therapeutic approaches to chronic diseases and prototypes of technical assisted living (AAL) particularly in home care in cooperation with small and medium-sized enterprises. Additionally, they develop new concepts for nursing professionals nursingqualifications  and concepts of care for  relatives and volunteers. 

Within the alliance the core project Autonomy in Old Age – coordinated by Prof. Dr. Bernt-Peter Robra, MPH, and headed by Dr. Astrid Eich-Krohm, PhD – has  two major responsibilities. First our four-member team

Second we are researching the

In a qualitative study based on the Grounded Theory approach we conduct narrative biographic interviews with old people and couples under the topics: autonomy, mobility, social support, subjective well-being and relevant aspects for self-determined living in home environments. Alongside our qualitative inquiry the team undertakes a quantitative approach in order to formulate a framework of indicators for autonomy in old age in Saxony-Anhalt. Considering the joint principles of the European Union and international policies for the elderly we follow we follow the ideals of value-free scientific work.



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